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Getting back to doing the things she loves.

When Judy Knoch of Millstadt woke up one morning last November, she couldn’t walk straight. Her husband, Karl, brought her to St. Anthony’s immediately.

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An inspiration to others after stroke.

Stroll the halls of St. Anthony’s Acute Rehab unit on any given Thursday and you may encounter Steve Kovach. He helps transport patients with disabling injuries to the physical therapy room and follows therapists with a wheelchair as patients practice walking. Steve also plays a larger role: that of providing hope to recently diagnosed stroke patients in need of encouragement.

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PE teacher

P.E. teacher recovering from a stroke.

Tim Zambo was 32, a physical education teacher at Seckman High School. He kept fit and recently had completed a tough-as-nails obstacle race known as the Tough Mudder. So when he woke one morning in December 2013 to find his left arm and hand numb and useless, he phoned his mom, Linda. She advised him it was probably a pinched nerve and recommended he visit the urgent care.

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Moore family

Back to normal in ONE hour.

Shortly after she rose one morning in December 2012, Jeanne Moore felt a sharp pain on the side of her head. She reached over to grab a Kleenex, but her hand wouldn’t do what she was telling it to do. Her left arm and leg were useless; her face was drawn. She realized she was having a stroke.

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issue cover

Tim Huffman received a stent in less than one hour.

Tim Huffman wasn't himself one morning in November: he figured he was getting a bad cold. Paramedics determined otherwise, and rushed Tim to St. Anthony’s Emergency Department with a massive heart attack.

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Aneurysms can’t keep ‘Buz’ Kaido down

By a lucky accident, Arthur “Buz” Kaido learned he had abdominal aneurysms. Recently, during routine physical tests, a chest X-ray indicated a suspicious area in one of his lungs. He underwent a positron emission tomography (PET) scan, and the results appeared normal. Then the pulmonologist scrolled through the image.

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Wearable Defib

Wayne Huff is alive today, thanks to a wearable defibrillator.

Wayne Huff wanted to be there for his wife, Mary, during her breast cancer surgery last November. But he knew something wasn't right with his own body. As he described, “I wanted to get her through the surgery and then I was going to go to the ER.”

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Dr. Otto

Tips for knowing when to progress from the pediatrician.

Sooner or later, all pediatric patients will become uncomfortable in a waiting room filled with children and outgrow the practice. So when should parents transition their children from their childhood doctor to an internal medicine or family medicine physician?

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Jeff Cole is back calling balls and strikes with help from heart team

Jeff Cole's family history is full of ninety-year-olds, all with healthy hearts. So, when he encountered problems breathing after returning from a Florida vacation in September 2012, Jeff and his family doctor assumed the problem was bronchitis. Despite treatment, the symptoms didn't go away. After administering an EKG, the doctor suggested Jeff travel by ambulance to an emergency room.

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More energy after treatment for atrial fibrillation

Patricia House, 79, of St. Charles is an active, spry woman who enjoys playing with her grandchildren, gardening, and singing in the church choir. But when she noticed her heart was beating irregularly and she started feeling too weak to navigate the church’s long staircase, she knew something was wrong.

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