Community Benefits

Reporting and Tracking

As a Catholic hospital, we recognize that we have a responsibility to meet important community needs – over and above our ability to provide excellent patient care.

This commitment has always been a key part of who we are, and an integral part of our mission and values. To track our role of service to the community, St. Anthony’s follows guidelines adopted by the Catholic Health Association. To provide for consistent measurement, the CHA has established a standard called the Community Benefit Inventory for Social Accountability (CBISA). St. Anthony’s Medical Center uses CBISA methodologies to gauge our activities throughout the year. We have acquired CBISA reporting tools from Lyon Software to assist in this effort. In addition, we have established a cross-functional team of managers from our finance, community outreach and communications departments to provide ongoing leadership and oversight for our community benefit activities.


Community health services

As the leading health care provider in South St. Louis County and Jefferson County as well as St. Clair and Monroe Counties in Illinois, St. Anthony’s Medical Center provides a wide spectrum of services to help improve the overall health of our served communities. These include a variety of health education activities (e.g., health fairs, nutrition education and grief support groups). While some of these efforts are provided for a nominal patient fee, all are subsidized in part or in whole by St. Anthony’s.

Health professions education

Throughout our history, St. Anthony’s Medical Center has provided an important community benefit by offering a setting where future health care professionals can learn their skills under the expert guidance of our physicians, nurses and staff. In particular, we provide a clinical setting for nursing students and other health care professions, such as physical therapists. Our professional education activities are provided in collaboration with several local universities.

Subsidized health services

In the Franciscan tradition of compassionate care, St. Anthony’s Medical Center provides many health care services that are expected to produce a financial loss. We offer these services because they meet needs that would otherwise not be addressed within the community like the Teen Lamaze Childbirth Class.


St. Anthony’s commitment to south St. Louis County and the surrounding area is demonstrated, in part, by the things we do to help strengthen the fabric of our community. Simply put, we want to be a good neighbor – and we honor that commitment by providing both donations and in-kind services throughout the year. These activities include cash donations from the St. Anthony's Charitable Foundation, gift in-kind donations to Meals on Wheels and other programs, and scholarships.

What we track

CBISA survey details activities in four specific categories: 
  • Community health services 
  • Health professions education 
  • Subsidized health services 
  • Donations