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Three St. Anthony’s Nurses among Finalists for Excellence in Nursing Awards

Media Contact Joe Poelker
Release Date: 03/07/2016 By St. Anthony's Medical Center

Katherine Hodges, Cardiovascular; Kim Padgett, Medical/Surgical Nursing; and Jacquelyn Sutton, Acute Care/Family Practice/General Medicine; finalists for St. Louis Magazine's Excellence in Nursing Awards.

(left to right) Katherine Hodges, Kim Padgett, and Jacquelyn Sutton, finalists for St. Louis Magazine's Excellence in Nursing Awards
Congratulations to the three St. Anthony’s nurses who are among 66 finalists in 19 categories for St. Louis Magazine’s 2016 Excellence in Nursing Awards. Chosen from more than 200 nominations were Katherine Hodges, Cardiovascular; Kim Padgett, Medical/Surgical Nursing; and Jacquelyn Sutton, Acute Care/Family Practice/General Medicine.

Katherine “Kate” Hodges, B.S.N., Clinical Resource Nurse, Non-Invasive Cardiology

Kate is known not just for her high degree of nursing skill, but also for being a “proactive team player” who raises the spirits of her co-workers and serves as a leader and educator to other nurses in her unit.

“Kate worked two back-to-back night shifts,” recalled a doctor who worked with her. “Both of these shifts turned out to be exceedingly hard because Kate was working with two critically ill patients. She stayed late several hours both times to assist in caring for the patients, who were both in need of more help than could simply be provided by a single nurse at the time. She stayed to comfort the families in their times of loss.”

The daughter of one of Kate’s patients recalled, “Mom’s illness only lasted two and a half weeks, and we were all in shock. But Kate managed to bring peace and calm to every one of us five adults. The respect and love she showed Mom will always bring me comfort.” 

Kate, 29, lives in High Ridge with her husband, Chris, and sons, Eli and Gavin.

Kim Padgett, B.S.N., CMSRN, Clinical Resource Nurse, 5 West Medical-Surgical

Kim is known for both her strong clinical skills and for her extraordinary ability to deal with patients, doctors and other people in difficult situations. A security officer noticed a female patient exit the hospital while wearing a scrub gown and dragging an IV pole. The angry patient was cursing, yelling threats and being as obnoxious as possible. Kim worked tirelessly to de-escalate the patient and care for her, both physically and emotionally. 

“Kim has chosen to remain in an area of nursing that is often considered a starting point,” said a colleague. “She has the capabilities to move on to any area of care, but instead, she has chosen to devote herself to an unglamorous field. Kim is dedicated to the type of patients who end up on a general medical floor. She takes the extra time and makes the extra effort to get to know these patients, which can greatly improve their outlook and their participation in their own recovery.”

Kim, 30, lives in Belleville, Ill., with her husband, David. They are expecting their first child in April.

Jacquelyn Sutton, R.N., Acute Rehab

Jacquelyn is known for going above and beyond, both to care for her patients and to support her co-workers. Recently, she agreed to stay an extra four hours at the end of her 12-hour shift to ensure the patients received the care they needed. She strives to get to know each of her patients and has a calming effect on them, allowing them to focus on their rehab. Not long ago, she spent extra time teaching a patient who suffers from stage 4 chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and who did not know much about the condition.

“Jackie has exhibited so many good traits it’s hard to enumerate them all: kindness, compassion, respect, consideration, thoughtfulness, caring,” wrote one patient’s relative. “She put us at ease and always was there to answer any questions that came up. There was nothing too small or too great that she wouldn’t do for us, and all with a smile on her face. We’re so appreciative of her willingness to serve.”

Jacquelyn, 42, lives in south St. Louis with her husband, David Donnell.